Value diagnostic


Will it work for you?


Prior to taking up any engagement, we carry out a value diagnostic that determines opportunities where your business can benefit from outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting activities. The value diagnostic considers scale, your unique business needs and the fit with our standard offering.


During our value diagnostic we:


  • Determine you business needs,
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings,
  • Determine the engagement mode, i.e, the day-to-day operational aspects of outsourcing to us,
  • Identify the interaction needs between our staff and yours, and an ongoing communication strategy,
  • Build a value case, i.e. determine the savings we can deliver for you, and
  • Prepare a blueprint of a proposal to serve you.


The value diagnostic reveals if outsourcing to us is right for you. It also brings out the details you would need to know before engaging with us, allowing you to take a fully informed decision.


The value diagnostic is free and can take as few as a few hours to two weeks, depending upon the complexity of your business. Contact us if you would like us to carry out a value diagnostic for your business.