Is my data safe ?


Yes. We take data security very seriously. Your data and information is safe with us. We have controls and policies in place to ensure that:


  • confidentiality of client information is assured,
  • client’s financial information is protected against any reasonably anticipated threats and hazards, and
  • unauthorized use of client data is prevented in all situations.


These policies are implemented using a combination of:


  • physical controls (controlled access to our premises, lack of removable media in our workstations),
  • software security features (network security under Windows, and application security based on our accounting packages), and
  • policies and procedures in place (segregation of duties, confidentiality agreements, reference checking on staff etc).


These ensure that access to client data is provided to staff only on a need-to-know basis, and there is no opportunity to disclose or misuse client data.


Data backups and disaster recovery


  • Our servers use RAID technology where all your data gets written on two hard drives at once. We take daily backups, so your data is safe from any hardware disasters.
  • If you wish, we will host your data on a US server using Quickbooks Online, and will access your system over the internet. That can provide you complete peace of mind.


Not all of our measures can be discussed on this website, but if you choose to meet with us, we will be happy to provide you with further information and demonstrate our commitment to the safety of your data.