For CPAs


CPAs – Team with us
If you are a CPA firm offering accounting services to your clients, you can expand your capacity to serve your clients by teaming with us. We will deal directly with you and not with your client, so that you can manage your relationship and billing arrangements with your clients.


How do we work with CPA firms:


  • You obtain the transactional information and source documents required for bookkeeping from your clients and fax us a copy, or send us a physical copy to our office in New Jersey, or fax it to our fax number, or upload scanned images to your secure directory.
  • We carry out the bookkeeping in Quickbooks, and send you a link on your secure area on our website where you can download the updated Quickbooks (.qbw) file. Or if you prefer, we can send you the processed Quickbooks file (.QBW) on CD by overnight Fedex from New Jersey.
  • Our staff works as a back office extension of your practice, completely transparent to your client, allowing you to scale up using our capacity on demand.


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